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John D. Lang
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What a treasure trove was unearthed from the lower rooms (lovingly called the dungeon) of the Museum. In 1999, facilitated by long time member Dick Kelley, the Vassalboro Historical Society received a wooden chest with a tag that read, "Lang Family."  Many of you have heard of John D. Lang and his association with champion horses and the woolen mill at North Vassalboro.

What you may not know about him is that he was an Indian Commissioner in the mid 1860s during the relocation of native tribes in the west. This amazing collection includes four treatises from 1866 between the U.S. Government and the Seminole, Cherokee, Creek and Chickasaw & Choctaw tribes. It also includes seven diaries (transcription has started), personal correspondence, a report to President  Andrew Johnson, a photo of Lang and other interesting (yet challenging) reading.

In his report to the President, Lang wrote about a Mr. Blunt, an Indian Agent who was taking advantage of his position........

"If such claims are allowed there will be a legion of leeches, stimulated by this man's success, crowding around the poor cheated Indian, eager to become agents for him that they may fatten on his spoils and become as bloated with ill-gotten gains as many of their predecessors have been. The scramble has already commenced. They will rob the red man of his annuities, his hunting grounds, his houses, lands, and furs--all in the name of the Government, until the latter will resemble the man described by the poet:

With one hand he dropped
A penny in the urn of poverty,
And with the other took a shilling out."

Intriguing? Watch for more information about this wonderful treasure in future updates.
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