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Welcome to the Vassalboro Historical Society

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Vassalboro Historical Society

Thanks to board member Kent London our Treasurer position has been filled. Kent adds yet another hat to his VHS participation. It is much appreciated Kent!

We are still in search of a Curator.  Here is a brief descriptions of the Curator position. If you are interested please contact Jan Clowes by e-mail at

Job Description

•   Reports to monthly Board meetings.
•    Is responsible for accessioning, storing & displaying of Museum holdings,  including documents, photographs, books & three dimensional objects.
•    Provides advice to Building and Grounds Director regarding storage and display needs
•    Carries out research requested by individuals who contact the museum.
•    Using Past Perfect museum software, enters description and photos (if available) of all accessioned items and backs up software regularly.
•    Directs volunteers in a variety of tasks including cleaning, accessioning, etc.

Vassalboro Historical Society


327 Main Street
PO Box 43
East Vassalboro, ME  04935
(207) 923-3505

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Our Annual Meeting and Potluck Dinner will be held on Thursday, September 18th at 6 pm at the East Vassalboro Grange. Please bring a dish to share. We will be joined by Dale Clark, (in costume) portraying her great-grandmother, a Readfield pioneer - Join us!!!

One of our recent acquisitions is a  wonderful group of images of the Weeks family women. The pictures are believed to be from the 1850’s (the daguerreotypes) to the 1880’s (the photographs). As the daguerreotypes were in a lovely closable case they are well preserved. (The printed views are in reverse.) One has a label that says “Weeks - Grandma Kraber’s”.

The photographs show the Weeks women with their married names noted. What a great opportunity for a genealogist!

I was able to personally visit the Weeks cemetary a few weeks ago. It remains in fairly good shape (except for a groundhog who has decided it is a great place to dig a burrow.)

If you have an interest in viewing these images, please contact the museum at 207-923-3505.

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