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VHS Newsletters

Charles Ferguson, Editor
Esther Bernhardt & Vicki Schad, Contributing Editors

Volume X - No. 2 Fall 2011

     President's Message
     Wish List 2012
     Voting in Vassalborough by Vicki Schad
     Traveling Back and Forth in Time: Priest Hill Road Part 2 by Esther Bernhardt
     I Bet a Man Ten Dollars
     December 27, 1900 North Vassalboro News
     From the Diaries of Olive S. Pope (1879 - 1956)

Volume X - No. 3 March 2012

     President's Message
     How to Lose a Legacy by Ellen Lupton
     Echoes of the Presidential Election of 1880
     From the Raymond Manson Notebooks...

Volume X - No. 3 March 2012

     Priest Hill Road - the final installment

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