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Shorey Wagon

Shorey Wagon

Times have changed since horse-drawn wagons were used to get “to town” and for chores around the farm.  Thanks to brothers Bruce and Bob Shorey the Vassalboro Historical Society are now proud caretakers of one of these relics. Donated to the VHS on behalf of their parents, Robert & Elizabeth (Witham) Shorey, this wonderful old wagon will have a future in the Society’s varied displays.

Estimated to date from about 1850 due to its wooden hubs, the wagon lay for many years in pieces at the Shorey family home on the corner of Cemetery Street and Oak Grove Road in North Vassalboro. Knowing that they would have no use for it and that their parents would want it to stay in Vassalboro, Bob contacted the Historical Society. After seeing the wagon and getting its history, the Society gratefully accepted the donation.

Seen as a large wooden puzzle, the wagon with its 8’ shafts or thills was carefully put together by Bob Shorey and Steve Clowes. Although the wagon has no marks identifying the maker, it was probably made by a local man and sold to the Shoreys, who used it to get back and forth to town or for transporting grain for their cattle.

On September 28th, with the assistance of the Shoreys, Steve Clowes, Peter Reny, Lauchlin Titus and VHS board members, the wagon was loaded onto a flatbed and driven to its new home in what is known as "Ina’s" (Weymouth) barn in East Vassalboro.
The Shorey family has a long history in Vassalboro, going back to Benjamin Williams, a Revolutionary War soldier who is buried in a small cemetery at the end of the Brann Road. According to census records, the family primarily worked in farming. However, one family member, Orville Williams, left Vassalboro and worked for several prominent newspapers, including the Boston Herald and the New York Journal, as a political cartoonist.

The Vassalboro Historical Society looks forward to putting the wagon back to work in our museum displays in the near future.

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