Welcome to the Vassalboro Historical Society

President's Message

Volume X No. 3

Things have been moving quickly at the Historical Society, and we hope you can stop in for our first Open House on May 19th to see our new display.  The loyal volunteers have been busy building shelves, sorting items, creating and re-creating displays, repairing items, tenderly wrapping books in tissue paper to keep them safe, transcribing letters and dictionaries and repairing clothing.

We're getting much closer to being actively online and hope you'll check out vassalborohistoricalsociety.org for the official launching (sooner rather than later we hope).  We recently purchased the multi-media addition for our Past Perfect computer program -- this will enable us to add photos, audio clips and videos to our digital collection.  We've recently added some new pictures to our Facebook group -- and will add more soon.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions and comments and don't forget to join us for our programs and Open Houses!

Volume X No. 2

The newsletter was handed off in time, but due to the change in format, which will (hopefully) enable us to utilize the technology on hand, it is late!  I'm hoping that the next one will be on time, as I'll save this as a template.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me get acclimated to my new role as president and for your continued patience as I learn.

I enjoyed reading the articles and hope you do, too.  Vicki's article about Voting in Vassalborough was informative and reminded me of my first dance -- at the Men's Club (formerly the Town House).  I also learned that Vassalboro was the 22nd town in the 23rd state and we were once in Lincoln County.  (My classes in Maine History were a long time ago.)

Suggestions are always appreciated!  Hope you like the new newsletter format.

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