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Carl B Lord 8th Grade Graduation

(Front to Back)
Row 1
Roland Cote, Ann Sylvain, Mary Pullen, Cindy Lalime Krikorian, Anita Lagault ,
Cheryl Nelson Belden and Philip Colbath.

Row 2
Louise (Weezie) Pullen, Pat Fournier Kaherl, Betty Powell, Kathy Porter and Crystal Williams

Row 3
Robin Roux, Marilyn Cain Waldron, Ann Bragdon Bathgate, Barbara McBride,
Paris Perez and Drew Haywood

Row 4
Marsha Mansfield, Paris Perez, Cathy Davidson, Diane Mitchell Paul,
Sheila Lemieux and Amy Davidson

Row 5
Susan Mitchell, Vicki Stearns Dutil, Andrea Lalime Krikorkian, Susan Comber
Lynn Wright, Danny Pierce and Ervin Brown

Row 6

Alfred O'Clair, Steve Robbins, Bobby Waldron, Steve McPherson,
Bobby Nixon and Bruce Waldron

Row 7
Gilbert Lemieux, Doug White, Bruce Smith, Allen Cates and David Powell

Row 8
David Pelham, Billy Therriault, Calvin Chapman, Richard Goodrich and Gary Gray

Missing from picture (according to Marilyn Cain Waldron, Cheryl Nelson Belden & Sheila Lemieux)

Steven Cates, Mike Berard, Mike Brown & Jimmy Sutherland

Class of 1966 - Vassalboro 8th grade

(Front to Back)
Barbara Wentworth Worthley, Bonnie Gidney, Debbie Breault Rogers, _____, Cindy Perry,
_____, Valerie Ferran, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____,
Jimmy Wentworth, Janice Seamans Sturtevant, Debbie Theriault, _____, _____, _____,
_____, _____, _____, _____, _____, _____ and David Thurlow

East Vassalboro
Girl Scouts & Leaders

(Front to Back)
Nan Davidson, Lisa Little, Sandra Little, Barbara Goodale, Barbara-Jo Masse,
Drew Ann Haywood, Marcia Davidson, Nancy Cates, Amy Davidson, Debbie Therriault,
Doreen Porter, Debbie Breault Rogers, Janice Seamans Sturtevant,
Barbara Wentworth Worthley, Bonnie Gidney and Kathy Rowe

Baptist Youth Fellowship (BYF) ca 1967


Fred Cain, Nancy Mosher, Bonnie Smith, Frank Waldron, Debbie Therriault,
Patty Smith and Marilyn Cain Waldron

Bobby Waldron, Billy Therriault, Caroline Otis Burns, Candy Cain Clark and Linda Waldron Hood

ca 1963
North Vassalboro

Bobby Waldron, Horace Fisher & Frank Waldron, Jr.


Civil Defense graduation

Frederic Cain, Carey Cain, Candy Cain Clark, Cheryl Penney Socquet, Pat Cain Crocker,
Maurine Cain Macomber and Herbie Bradley 

Hazel Hamlin Cole 


Elizabeth "Betty" Taylor


(Front Row)
Laura Lee Cates, Ann Gray Clark, Doreen Porter, Sharon Mitchell,
Cindy Lalime Krikorian and Cheryl Nelson Belden

(Middle Row)
Marilyn Cain Waldron, Diane Mitchell Paul, Andrea Lalime Krikorian, Sharon Hopkins, Vicki Stearns Dutil, Marcia Davidson, Amy Davidson and Freda Gray Masse
(Back Row)
Patty Otis Vieta, Louann Hopkins, Ruth Ellen Lancaster Waldron, Susan Breault, Janice Cain Clowes, Judy Wentworth Goodrich and Debbie Robbins


1960 8th Grade Graduation

(Front Row)
Virginia Tibbetts, Betty Rowe, Shirley Gibbs, Joan Wilcox, Cheryl Penny Socquet, Pat Cain Crocker,
Pat Thurlow Wallace, Marilyn Warner, Pamela Libby and Ellen Lancaster

(Back Row)
Fred Cain, Andrew Powell, Daniel Ware, Rick Seamans, Herb Bradley, Dickie Cates and Norman Rowe


Center Vassalboro Community Baptist Church Picnic  


Center Vassalboro Community Baptist Church Picnic  


Center Vassalboro Community Baptist Church Vacation Bible School

(Front Row)
Mark Lee, Glendon Ellis, Patty Otis Vieta and _____

(Middle Row)
_____, David Cunningham, Kirk Lee and _____

(Back Row)
Arthur Lewis, _____, _____ and _____


Center Vassalboro Community Baptist Church

(Left to right - Front to back)
_____, Russell Smith, Patty Smith, Penny Steeves, Laurie Bradford
_____, Patty Otis Vieta, _____, Marilyn Cain Waldron, Janice Seamans Sturtevant, Janice Cain Clowes
_____, _____, Linda Penney Richards, _____, Kathy Penny Poliquin, _____
Pat Cain Crocker, Candy Cain Clark, _____, _____, Bonnie Smith, _____



Center Vassalboro Community Baptist Church Vacation Bible School

(Front Row)
Mark Lee, Glendon Ellis, Patty Otis Vieta, _____

(Middle Row)
_____, David Cunningham, Kirk Lee, _____

(Back Row)
Arthur Lewis, _____, _____, _____


Center Vassalboro Community Baptist Church

Russell Smith, _____, Patty Smith, _____, _____, Marilyn Cain Waldron, Janice Seamans Sturtevant, _____, _____, _____


Center Vassalboro Community Baptist Church

Patty Otis Vieta, Kathy Goding, Janice Cain Clowes, _____, _____


Center Vassalboro Community Baptist Church BYF

Pat Cain Crocker, Judy Smith Ricker, Russell Smith (Big Russ), Candy Cain Clark



Jimmy Lachance, George Allen (Moe) Cates, Steven Clowes, Brian Cates
Doug Pleau on drums


8th Grade Graduation - 1964

2nd row - 4th Karen Anderson, Barbara Picard
3rd row - 2nd Linda Clowes Murray
Next to the back row, last two in line Russell Smith, Arthur Lewis


Center Vassalboro Community Baptist Church

Carey Cain, _____, and _____

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