Welcome to the Vassalboro Historical Society

Membership Details

The Society meets every two months. Membership is not limited to Vassalboro residents; it is open to all who are “interested in the history of Vassalboro, Maine,” upon request and payment of annual dues.

Membership begins on January 1 each year. Some of our membership classes include:

          $12     Active (Under 65)
          $8      Active (65 and Older)
          $25     Sustaining
          $125   Charter
          $150   Lifetime
          $200   Patron

If you are interested in helping the Vassalboro Historical Society “celebrate and protect the heritage of our community” please send your name, address, contact phone number and payment to:

Vassalboro Historical Society
P.O. Box 43
East Vassalboro, ME 04935

We have much to offer everyone, whether long-time residents or newcomers to the area – everyone can contribute to the Society’s work. You are all welcome!
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