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Julie Lyon found a photo and an undated clipping with a stem-winder of a real-estate promotion designed on a bet, to find a buyer for a South Vassalboro farm within five days of publication. Can any of our readers locate the Mason farm? Did it change hands promptly, as Mr. Mason bet it would? Thanks for your help.

That I could sell my farm in five day [sic] from the time this ad appeared in the papers. Lets[sic] see if I win or lose. I have the finest farm of 45 acres that the sun ever looked down upon. It is the most productive land on earth. Fine orchard of Spys, Baldwins and Greenings. Plnty [sic] of lumber, fine hemlock. Lots of wood for home use and market. Pasture for six head, watered by brook the whole length of pasture. In addition to this is a spring of water that would bring a man a fortune if rightly handled. This farm overlooks Three Mile pond where the boys from Augusta, Waterville and surrounding cities and towns catch the finest pickerel in winter and the banner perch in summer. Just a few rods from this beautiful sheet of water, on a high and healthy elevation, rsts this snug little farm. An ideal place for summer boarders. The house has five finished rooms, summer kitchen and large open chamber. Good cellar, never freezes. Barn. Small hen house; lumber all out for a 60 foot hen house. Piazza on house.


One hundred dollars worth of wood for market at the door besides a year’s wood ready for the shed. Farming tools all new. Latest style spring-tooth harrow, Hussey plow, N.Y. Champion horserake, Centennial cultivator, latest patent, big 4 McCorwick [sic] 2-horse mowing machine. verything [sic] ready for business. The land on this farm is the earliest in Kennebec county and can be worked while others are waiting. Adapted in every way for early market gardening. Cows turned right out at barn into pasture. No driving the road or through the fields. Buildings connected. Everything as handy as a pocket in a shirt. Rural delivery. Telephone in house. Cream sold at door if desired. Handy to schools and church. Here is an opportunity for you to get one of the finest 45 acre farms on earth. A producing farm, too, right in the good town of Vassalboro, where taxes are low, and what you raise commands the highest prices. And let me whisper in your ear something sweet for you to hear. They will run the electrics right by (not through) this farm inside of two years. Only three miles from the electrics now. Water at the door, absolutely pure and health-giving. If you know where I live you know what the farm is. Other business calls me from the farm or it would not be sold Come and see it; get my figures, and see if I am not giving you the trade of a life time [sic]. L. W. MASON, South Vassalboro, Me. Telephone 20-22, So. China. P.O. address, Augusta, Me. Route 6.


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