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Raymond Manson, a pioneer member of the Society, transcribed from local newspapers news items that concern Vassalboro. Here are echoes of the presidential election of 1880. (Can anyone explain "329"?)

Waterville Mail, November 5, 1880
Our village presented a very lively appearance, Wednesday, about 1:30 am. The roaring of cannon, the
shouting of enthusiastic republicans and burning of tar barrels, were the first indications that some of us
had that "329" was the lucky number. The excitement grew intensely, and the wildest enthusiasm prevailed.
Republicans are highly elated and democrats correspondingly depressed.

Waterville Mail, November 12,1880
The Republicans of North Vassalboro and vicinity will have a grand Jubilee in Citizen's Hall Friday

Waterville Mail, November 19,1880
Agreeable to previous announcement, the Republicans of North Vassalboro and vicinity assembled in
Citizen's Hall to celebrate the triumphant election of Garfield and Arthur. At an early hour the hall was
filled to its utmost capacity with a jolly crowd. The hall was very tastefully decorated with flags, pictures,
emblems, mottoes and chinese lanterns etc. Hannigan's Band of Augusta furnished excellent music. Orrick
Hawes presided, and felicitously remarked that he did not feel in a mood to obey, to the letter, the words
of Holy Writ which say, "rejoice with them that rejoice, and weep with them that weep". He could rejoice
with the Republicans but could not shed a solitary tear for the Democrats. Mr. Garland, of Winslow, made
the first speech. Mr. Dudley, of East Vassalboro, delivered an original prayer for the arch traitor Jeff Davis.
Hiram Simpson told a comical turkey story. Mr. Garland of Waterville, made an excellent speech of
congratulation and referred to the immortal number, 329, which he thought meant 3 years, General Garfield
was in the Ohio Senate, 2 years in the Union Army, and 9 terms in congress.

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